PERSONA5 the Animation



    PERSONA5 the Animation Steals Anime Expo!

    Aniplex of America took Anime Expo attendees behind the scenes and into the Metaverse with PERSONA5 The Animation’s director
    Masashi Ishihamaand producer Kazuki Adachi! With the line wrapping around the Petree Hall area and out into the summer heat,
    the panel room was filled to capacity and buzzing with excitement. Director Masashi Ishihama and producer Kazuki Adachi took to
    the stage and fans were able to learn about the process of creating an anime series from a video game.
    One of the most interestingparts of the panel was when Director Ishihama talked about how the team played the game together while
    the show was in production and used those experiences to influence how they animated and wrote certain parts of the show. The panel
    also had a section where fans were able to interact with the guests via Q&A and special polls. The fans really enjoyed this as
    Director Ishihama and Producer Adachi opened up about their favorite characters and scenes. Morgana also made a surprise guest
    appearance and added another enjoyable experience to an already fun panel. Attendees also received special Joker masks and some
    won limited edition P5A posters via raffle.